Affordability concerns, revitalization hurdles heard at North Minneapolis housing town hall

North Minneapolis residents joined a town hall meeting Thursday night to voice their concerns about housing affordability in the area. State legislators representing the neighborhoods, including Sen. Bobby Joe Champion, Rep. Fue Lee and Rep. Representative Raymond Dehn, held the housing town hall at the Davis Center.

One of biggest concerns on the north side is not being able to revitalize the area because of inflated housing prices.

Melissa Newman lives in north Minneapolis and says efforts to build new houses in such a distressed neighborhood don't work, especially if they are for first time homeowners.

"The issue is we need to get back to putting the homeowners first, and we need to understand the longevity of a homeowner versus a renter,” Newman said. “In essence, make sure that we're taking care of our homeowners, otherwise we're going to be in a position where we're foreclosing on homes all over again."

Newman adds that current homeowners can't rent out or refinance their homes because of inflated housing prices.

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