3-foot-long lizard missing in Champlin, Minnesota

(Getty Images)

Authorities are asking for help finding a missing pet lizard in Champlin, Minnesota. According to police, the Asian Water Monitor lizard is 3 feet long and is "good at climbing stuff."

"It may become aggressive if backed into a corner," officials wrote on Facebook.

If you see the lizard, please call the Champlin Police Department.

Here is what Champlin Police told the public Tuesday: 

We are told its like three feet long and good at climbing stuff, and it may become aggressive if backed into a corner. A brief Wikipedia search has informed us that it mostly likes to eat rodents and crocodile eggs (it’s obviously not from around here), so as long as you don’t have those things, you should be good. However, if you see it, please give us a call. Our community service officer has studied and trained diligently for years for this exact situation, and he is ready to take this creature safely into custody.