Chunky knits combat cold fall weather

It may feel like summer still, but fall is just around the corner. And once those temperatures turn, you'll be reaching for cozy sweaters. Luckily, chunky knits are super trendy this year, and although the runway versions were a little outlandish, we've got considerably more wearable options available to us.

1. It's all about balance: As with any voluminous item, you want to make sure to balance it out with something slim-fitting. If you do a chunky knit sweater, pick skinny jeans or straight legs over bootcuts or flares. (Will bring outfit: Sweater, skinny jeans)

2. If a pullover sweater in a chunky knit feels too overwhelming, try a cardigan instead. Do fitted layers underneath to show the true shape of your figure. (Will bring outfit: Chunky cardigan, layer, pant/skirt)

3. Or if you'd rather just try a touch of chunky, a scarf will do the trick. Again, keep the rest of your look streamlined! (Will bring outfit: Chunky scarf, dress)