Movement underway to save Twin Cities concert venues

It’s no secret the Twin Cities has a vibrant music scene with many celebrated venues. But with these venues shut down and an uncertain future, there’s an effort to help them stay afloat. The folks behind have created the ‘Value our Venues’ fundraiser. They’ve selected eight important venues to highlight; First Ave., The Turf Club, Hook and Ladder Theater, Mortimer’s, Parkway Theater, The Warming House, Caydence Records and The Garage. They got the support of more than 50 musicians for a unique photo shoot showing these artists in front of the shut-down venues they used to play. Every day Music in Minnesota releases new artist portraits and recently created a Spotify playlist featuring Minnesota musicians. The goal is to raise $100,000 to split evenly between the venues. To find out more visit:

Small Minnesota town where ‘Purple Rain’ was filmed unveils Prince statue

A new life-sized statue of Prince joins a growing tribute on Main Street in Henderson, Minnesota. There’s also a memorial bench and mural. The small Minnesota town about 45 minutes south of the metro is where the famous “that ain’t Lake Minnetonka” scene was filmed for the movie ‘Purple Rain.’ Cinematographer Joel King is the man who spearheaded this project. He worked with Prince on the movie ‘Graffiti Bridge.’ While he grew up in Minneapolis, he moved to Hollywood to work on films. He now lives in Henderson and can often be found sharing stories with tourists at the Prince tribute.

New ice cream shop opens in St. Paul to help you beat summer heat

Not much can beat a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day and we have just the place to do that, 2 Scoops Ice Cream Eatery. The new shop just opened on the corner of Selby and Milton in St. Paul. The family-owned business has been in the works for three years as they searched for the perfect spot. They offer 18 different flavors of ice cream and serve hot food as well including pizza and chili dogs.

Community embraces Black-owned businesses amid protests

As a show of support for the Black community, people are embracing Black-owned businesses. There are a lot of lists circulating to help people find and support businesses owned by people of color and one of those is Soul Bowl. Gerard Klass’ restaurant, which is located in the Graze Food Hall near Target Field, has been prominently featured on almost every list and he’s thankful for that visibility. It’s translated to more business and followers on social media. In fact, on Friday, Juneteenth, Soul Bowl had its highest sales day ever. Klass hopes this support for Black-owned businesses isn’t just a phase and that it continues into the future. Klass also wants to pay it forward. In March, he started a program called ‘Food for your Soul’ providing meals for families who are struggling. To date, they've donated 5,000 meals in the community.

Local HGTV stars open retail shop

Local HGTV stars Brad and Heather Fox are getting into the retail business. The Fox’s have a real estate business, Fox Homes, and an interior design company. They landed their own show on HGTV called ‘Stay or Sell’ where they renovated homes, and now they’re unveiling Foxwell Shoppe. The store officially opened this week at 44th and France Avenue in Edina. Since the Fox’s offer interior design, a shop with home goods was a logical next step. And now they’ve relocated all their businesses into this location. And there’s another thing that’s working out for them; HGTV. They have another project with the network in the works though they couldn’t share the details quite yet.