Voices for Change: 2 years since George Floyd was murdered

Thursday marks two years since Minneapolis police murdered George Floyd. His death sparked the largest protest movement against racism and racial injustice America has seen in a generation and a racial reckoning that reverberated across the world.

Simple landscaping ideas for a better backyard

Memorial Day is just ahead, marking the unofficial start to summer. And this time of year, Minnesotans love to spend time outside. FOX 9's Garden Guy Dale K has some simple tips for sprucing up your outdoor space.

Town Ball Tour: A tradition of baseball and fun

The Fritz family has three separate generations representing the Cologne Hollanders, and are even the namesake for its field. FOX 9 learns more about the history of the family who has baseball in its blood as part of its Town Ball Tour season opener. Meanwhile, Ian Leonard checks out the bouncy castle and burgers available.