Bump stock ban struck down by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has struck down a nationwide ban on bump stocks, a gun accessory that helps semi-automatic weapons fire like machine guns. It was used in the nation's deadliest mass shooting.

Gun control, child influencer bills pass at MN Capitol

A gun control bill to increase punishments on straw gun purchases and binary triggers has passed Thursday at the Minnesota State Capitol. Another bill passed Thursday prevents adults from profiting off of social media content containing kids under 14. FOX 9's Corin Hoggard has the latest.

MN Gun Owners Caucus rally at State Capitol

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus had their annual rally at the State Capitol Saturday. Many of the Minnesota gun owners disagree with the new state ruling that says guns kept in your car can be considered carrying in public. FOX 9's Babs Santos has the latest.

Minnesota's new Red Flag Law takes effect: How it works

The long-debated Red Flag Law is now in effect in Minnesota. The legislation, which was passed by the Democrat-controlled legislature last year, took effect on Jan. 1. On Tuesday, Governor Tim Walz discussed the new law and what it means for Minnesotans.