A son of Saint Paul - History Theatre taking on story of Melvin Carter Jr.

Saint Paul's History Theatre might be dark, but the company is still working to bring pieces of Minnesota History to life. As part of a new works festival, they'll stream a new play that's in development, "Diesel Heart". The show tells the story of Melvin Carter Jr. (who happens to be the father of Saint Paul mayor Melvin Carter). Playwright Brian Grandison joined the Buzz with more on what audiences can expect.

Saint Paul "Bridge Fund" to help families, small business during COVID-19 outbreak

Saint Paul is rolling out a new program to help people struggling during the pandemic. Mayor Melvin Carter is proposing a nearly $4 million Bridge Fund - offering assistance to low-income families and small businesses. Mayor Carter joined the FOX 9 Morning News to talk about how the fund will work and how the city is responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

'Not true!' Frey, House Republicans tussle over Twin Cities crime

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey accused House Republicans of playing politics with proposals aimed at crime in the Twin Cities, after GOP members said Monday they were scared to take public transit and painted city officials as disinterested in the issue.