Ways to help prevent back pain while working from home

With so many of us working from home, there is a real danger of developing back pain. Dr. Brent Leininger from the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota joined us with ways to prevent issues before they start.

U of M to limit relationship with MPD after letter from student body president

The U of M will no longer use MPD for extra support at events like concerts, football games, and large gatherings. The move comes after the student body president, Jael Kerandi, called for the school to sever all ties with MPD. Jael joined the Buzz to chat about her experiences with the police department and what additional changes she hopes to see in the future.

What shoppers can expect when the MOA reopens Monday

The country's largest retail complex, Mall of America, is preparing to reopen Monday morning. Shoppers can expect many changes as the mall works to encourage social distancing and keep visitors safe. SVP of Marketing & Business Development Jill Renslow joined the Buzz to chat about what the reopening will look like.

Flint Hills Family Festival heads online

A beloved arts festival in Saint Paul is headed online this week. The Flint Hills Family Festival at the Ordway is always a feast for the eyes and ears, but this year it's being presented virtually. Education director Kelli Foster Warder joined the Buzz to chat about what kids, educators, and families should expect.

Long-lost Prince guitar headed to the auction block (and may set new record)

Likely the most significant Prince guitar that will ever appear at auction, the Morning Buzz got a special look at Cloud Guitar 2, nicknamed "Blue Angel". Julien's Auctions director Martin Nolan joined us to show off the instrument, gave us his prediction on how much it will sell for, and provided details on where the guitar has been all this time.