From making your own lipstick to vintage, new shops for fall

If you like to shop 'til you drop, there's plenty of new stores to check out this fall. From making your own lipstick to finding vintage treasures, Trend & Style editor for MSP Magazine, Madeline Nachbar stopped by Good Day with the new stores getting buzz.

Crate training for dogs

No matter how much we love our pets, we can't always be home with them. Many experts recommend crate training so our dogs feel safe and secure while we're away. Dr. Eric from St. Paul Pet Hospital stopped by Good Day to talk about why crate training is so important.

Home-cooked meals with the "Bare Minimum" effort

Getting a home-cooked meal on the table each night is a challenge! Jenna Helwig -- food director at Real Simple Magazine - is out with a new book "Bare Minimum Dinners". She stopped by Good Day with an extremely easy idea for dinner tonight!

The signs you should start looking for a new job

Are you feeling bored at work or undervalued? Those are just a couple signs you might want to look for a new job. Dr. Mia Mulrennan, an organizational psychologist and HR expert, joined Good Day to chat about when it's time to find something new.

Local designers get ready for Fashion Week MN

Fashion Week MN is back this fall and better than ever, with a focus on sustainable designs created by local designers. Producer Kimberly Jurek joined Good Day with some of the looks headed to the runway.