Woodbury native returns home after biking 11,000 miles around the country

A Woodbury, Minnesota man is back home after biking around the entire contiguous United States. He did it all in just 176 days.

“Eleven national parks, just some beautiful sunrises, and sunsets - it was just incredible,” said Matt Broshat.

Broshat set off on his Pedal the Perimeter journey on August 8 with two goals. The first was to get a break from corporate America.

“I thought instead of going and getting an MBA, I thought I’d make my own ‘Master of Bicycle Adventuring,’" said Broshat. "So, I spent a fraction of the cost of an MBA, and I got quite an adventure and experience.”

The second goal was to raise money for Young Life Capurnaum, a program for teens with special needs. 

“I’ve been involved with this ministry for like 10 years, and so I thought if I’m going to go out on this adventure, it would be an honor and pleasure to fundraise for Young Life,” he said.

Over the course of the more than 11,000 miles, Broshat ventured through 31 states. During his journey, he got 25 flat tires, but he pushed through alongside oceans, and deserts – all while raising more than $30,000.

“I had a lot of people cheering me on social media,” said Broshat. “Like friends and family, and so that was kind of nice. If I ever had any doubts about anything, people were always encouraging, which was very helpful.”

In about a month, Broshat and his brother will be heading off on about a six-month hike up the Pacific Crest Trail along the West Coast of the United States. This is all part of his gap year to continue to challenge himself mentally and physically.