Univ. of Missouri president resigns amid pressure to combat racism

University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe announced his resignation Monday amid pressure from students and student athletes angry over his alleged failure to stop racism on campus.

“I am resigning as president of the University Missouri system,” he said at a press conference on Monday morning. “My motivation in making this decision comes from a love of Columbia, where I grew up, and the state of Missouri."

"It is the right thing to do," he continued. "The frustration and anger I see is real, and I don’t doubt it for a second.”

Student protests launched at the university in late September over racial tension on campus. On Sunday, Mizzou head football coach Gary Pinkel said his team would not participate in any team activities unless Wolfe resigned -- including the team's next game on Saturday against Brigham Young University, which was set to air on an ESPN network.

Pinkel's announcement followed a photo of 30-some players posing with Jonathan Butler, a leader of the anti-racism protests on campus. The football players joined the movement after Butler, a graduate student, launched a hunger strike, saying he wouldn't eat until Wolfe resigned, and on the seventh day, Butler won. 

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On Monday morning, before Wolfe's resignation, a group of teachers called the Concerned Faculty Group said they would stage a two-day walkout in support of Butler and the group Concerned Student 1950. 

"I take full responsibility for this frustration and I take full responsibility for the inaction which has occurred," Wolfe said.

"Please use this resignation to heal, not to hate, and let's move forward together for a brighter tomorrow," he concluded.