Uber launches 'quiet mode' for passengers who don't want to talk

Uber launched a “quiet mode” on its premium ride-hailing service for passengers who just don't feel like talking. 

Uber Black and Uber Black SUV, which enlist drivers with higher-end vehicles and charges a premium, now offers a number of new feature preferences. 

For the “conversation” option, riders can choose between “happy to chat,” “quiet preferred” and “no preference.” 

There's also a “temperature” section, where riders can choose how warm or cool they want the vehicle to be.

For the “bags” preference, riders can select between “yes” and “no” to let the driver know whether they have luggage. 

Uber X and UberPool are the company's lower-cost options, which cost significantly less than the premium Uber Black and Uber Black SUV. 

During Uber's initial public offering on Friday, the company took a $617 million hit — the largest loss on the first day of trading by a U.S.-based company in recent history, according to Renaissance Capital.

The ride-hailing giant's stock fell 10 percent and hovered around $37 Monday afternoon on Uber's first full day of trading.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.