U of M student charged with selling ecstasy, had package of drugs sent to dorm

An 18-year-old University of Minnesota student is charged with selling ecstasy after authorities found drug paraphernalia in his dorm room and opened a package containing drugs sent to him.

Spencer Charles Nichols of Rochester is charged for selling and possessing more than 50 grams of ecstasy. Both counts are felonies.

According to a Hennepin County Attorney's Office criminal complaint, on Tuesday, University of Minnesota police helped Homeland Security officials with a narcotics and Dark Web investigation, which involved Nichols.

Nichols let authorities search his Centennial Hall dorm room, in which they found $26,950 in cash, a vacuum sealer, vacuum sealer bags and two digital scales.

Nichols told officers he has bought "molly" or ecstasy online before and that he was expecting a package of molly to be delivered to him in the coming days.

The package arrived the day after the room search. After receiving a search warrant, officers opened the box and found 53.9 grams of ecstasy.

Nichols is in custody at the Hennepin County Jail.