St. Croix river stabbing suspect accused of jumping bail

The 19-year-old accused of fatally stabbing a Wisconsin fisherman along the St. Croix River in April was arrested Thursday night for jumping bail.

According to the complaint, conditions of Levi Acre-Kendall's bond were that he has no contact with certain people associated with the case. He violated that by sending out Tweets via his Twitter account knowing that those prohibited from having contact with him were receiving the tweets.

The first Tweet was posted on May 7 and said "If you are praying for me, please keep the Kelly family in mind as well, I never intended for this to happen and I wish it never did." The second tweet, posted May 8, said "Going to Chipotle to gain back 15 pounds I lost."

The complaint also said his Twitter profile picture was changed to an image showing him and the two individuals he was prohibited from having contact with as children.

Acre-Kendall is currently being held at Isanti County jail.


According to charges, Peter Kelly and a friend dropped their hooks on the Minnesota side of the St. Croix River, and at some point got into a verbal altercation with Acre-Kendall's group of friends on the Wisconsin side. Kelly's family has said Acre-Kendall's group was doing drugs and acting belligerent. Kelly had had enough, and went to confront the anglers.

Polk County prosecutors acknowledged Kelly "had consumed alcohol" prior to the confrontation -- an incident that would end with Kelly being stabbed in the chest. Acre-Kendall and the others then took off.

Last month, Acre-Kendall entered a not guilty plea in Polk County Circuit Court.

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