Sneak peek into Super Bowl 52 volunteer facility

In less than six months, Minnesota will be hosting the Super Bowl.

Friday, Fox 9 got an exclusive sneak peek into the volunteer headquarters. Fox 9 is the official media partner for the Super Bowl Host Committee's Crew 52.

“What used to be the old Sports Authority location on Nicollet Mall has been transformed into home base for the volunteers for the Super Bowl.

When the doors open on Saturday, it will be 176 days until game day.

Ellie Kehoe is in charge of organizing the more than 20,000 potential volunteers who have already signed up online.

Starting Saturday, the process of interviewing those applicants begins at 9 a.m. Eighty people are expected to be interviewed every half hour, 1,200 total on the first day. For the entire month of August, every interview slot is already booked.

“We really just want to get to know you and find out why you love Minnesota and how you can share that with our million plus fans, who are coming to Minnesota Super Bowl week,” said Kehoe.

Dianna Delaney also saw the space for the first time. She's one of the first 500 volunteers to become an official part of Crew 52, mainly because of her 42 years of experience in customer service and job as a tour guide at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Soon, she'll be here helping interview other fellow volunteers, who will be scattered all over the metro and around U.S. Bank Stadium, including the airports, hotels and skyways, in order to welcome visitors the 10 days prior to the big game. She told Fox 9 what she's looking for in worthwhile volunteer.

“People that have a smile,” said Delaney. “People that give a good indication they are here for the right reasons. Son't tell us you are here for the stuff.”

Once 10,000 volunteers are approved, the downtown space will serve as their training facility. This area is also where volunteers will collect uniforms, check-in for shifts as well as come for coffee, lunch breaks and to warm up.

“I don't care how many hours I work,” said Delaney. “I love people.”

With this new space, Super Bowl 52 is starting to feel real

“It’s incredible,” said Kehoe. “It's really coming to life. I couldn't be more excited.”