Rainbow Wardrobe offers free gender-affirming clothing

Twin Cities Pride is known for organizing one of the largest free gay pride celebrations in the country. But now it's also a one-stop shop for gender-affirming clothing.

"I love it. I think that it's something that is so needed," said Kelsey Alto, director of programming for Twin Cities Pride.

The nonprofit recently started a year-round clothing swap at its office in Minneapolis called Rainbow Wardrobe. The community closet is free to whoever needs it to find clothes that make them feel like who they are on the inside.

"This is a really safe space for them to ask those questions or to come grab clothing or ask questions about, you know, maybe a binding that they wouldn't feel comfortable asking somewhere else," said Alto.

Twin Cities Pride says it has seen an influx of people coming to Minnesota after the Trans Refuge Bill was passed, which prevents out-of-state laws from interfering with the practice of gender-affirming care, but they may not be prepared for our colder weather.

"If you had to move tomorrow and pack up your whole entire house, the amount of cost associated with that is so great that getting to this state, and then needing additional resources, like clothing to help in the winter months, is just so crucial for those people right now," said Alto.

The organization says there is a need for donations of warm clothing, like winter coats, boots, and sweaters, so there's no barrier to the LGBTQ+ community dressing for success.

"No matter who you are, the mission of Twin Cities Pride is to live your most authentic life and we're hoping that we're able to do that in a small way by providing these clothes," said Alto.

So far, Twin Cities Pride has given out a couple of thousand items of clothing.

If you'd like to help or make an appointment, send an email to rainbowcircle@tcpride.com.