Minnesota foster dog and little girl without arms form bond, play together

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Photo: Secondhand Hounds Facebook

A little Minnesota girl without arms was able to bond with a foster dog over their same unique needs on Sunday. The 4-year-old terrier “Roo Roo,” with hops like a Kangaroo, was recently rescued from a high-kill shelter and brought to Minnesota by Secondhand Hounds to get a second chance.

“Determination comes in all shapes and sizes,” Roo Roo’s foster mom wrote on the Secondhand Hounds Facebook page. “To me, these two amazing girls have a love for life no matter what challenges they face. We could all learn something from them."

The girl’s mom invited Roo Roo to meet her equally happy and determined little girl. As the two played together, the young girl petted Roo Roo using her foot.

“Between the giggling, smiling and tail wagging, all that I could see and hear was how ‘normal’ the moment was -- and that is how it should be,” Roo Roo’s foster mom said.  

Because it’s unknown what Roo Roo's history was before the high-kill shelter, the foster mom said she can only guess it was “through her own determination that she eventually taught herself how to hop, roll and wriggle her way to what she wanted or needed to reach.”

Once she is cleared medically by the vet and her foster coordinator, Roo Roo will be put up for adoption by Secondhand Hounds.

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