Minneapolis City Council meeting disrupted as council weighs ways to stop disruptions

As Minneapolis City Council members were discussing ways to deal with people who disrupt meetings on Thursday, a man was removed from chambers for causing a disruption.

Council members were discussing an amendment from Council Member Linea Palmisano to put the council's support behind legislation to create statewide guidelines for conduct during government meetings.

The amendment cites increased disruptions during meetings in recent years.

For some bizarre reason, the citizen who interrupted on Thursday, who was quickly escorted out by security at the direction of Council President Andrea Jenkins after multiple warnings, shouted out his social media handles and seemingly warned council members he would "subtweet your ass."

The removal came right after Council Member Michael Rainville said the measure for increased penalties should pass unopposed.

Last month, a Minneapolis council meeting was also thrown into chaos, as the council voted down a last-ditch effort to prevent the demolition of the Roof Depot building failed in council. Protesters brought that meeting to a halt approaching the lawmakers and ultimately forcing a recess, so the meeting room could be cleared. Following the meeting, LaTrisha Vetaw was also involved in a confrontation with activists in the skyway.

Jenkins, who abstained from the vote, admitted the council would have to do something to deal with interjectors. Other council members, including Council members Robin Wonsley, worried about the impact any new laws would have on people trying to express their First Amendment with the prospect of facing retribution from government entities.

Minneapolis is far from the only city that has faced increased disruptions from community members during meetings.


Minneapolis City Council meeting disrupted after vote on Roof Depot demolition

After a vote to cancel demolition contracts for the Roof Depot building in Minneapolis was rejected, upset activists disrupted a Minneapolis City Council on Thursday.