Massive 11-foot alligator in Florida lets out vicious roar while being wrangled

This alligator should audition for the next "Jurassic World" movie!

An 11-foot gator was recently found under a Jeep in Florida, and when officers came to try and remove it, this beast let out a dinosaur-like roar!

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office posted video of the encounter on Facebook. 

"Earlier this week, deputies responded to a home on Oakland Hills Place in Rotonda around 1 in the morning after the homeowner found a gator underneath their Jeep," the sheriff's office explained.


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Florida Fish and Wildlife officers were called to assist – but this gator wasn't going down without a fight. In the video, officers are seen trying to wrangle the beast when it suddenly lets out a giant roar. The gator begins doing its death roll before officers are able to get it under control. 

The alligator was apparently so strong it even took out the homeowner's light pole while trying to get away. 

This is a must-watch with the sound turned up. Enjoy!