Justice Alan Page discusses his life's many chapters

Justice Alan Page has been a fixture in the history of Vikings football, our judicial system and the future of Minnesota’s children through the Page Education Foundation.  

As part of FOX 9’s Black History Month coverage, Randy Meier sat down with Justice Page for a candid conversation. In part one, the two covered everything from Page’s childhood, where his parents instilled a sense of pride.

"If you’re going to be something, no matter what, be the best you can possibly be," Justice Page said. 

A work ethic that Page carried forward in life, through a Hall of Fame football career to his time on the bench of the Minnesota Supreme Court. We hear in Page’s voice the deep love and loss of his wife Diane who passed away in 2018. 

Page’s accomplishments are many, but getting the 77 year old to name his greatest is not easy. The interview is a life-long profile of a man who epitomizes a Minnesotan, during this Black History Month, and who has devoted his life to the betterment of others.

Many remember Page as a force on the football field. He was dubbed one of the Purple People Eaters. A standout member of a staunch Minnesota Vikings defense in the 1970s. But Alan Page’s life is not defined by a Hall of Fame NFL career. 

In part two of Meier’s candid sit-down interview with Page, we learn more about the man who went on to become a lawyer and eventually a Minnesota Supreme Court justice. 

At 77 years old, Justice Page has lived through the tense racial years of the 50s, 60s and 70s. We get his take on where this country has come with race relations and where it still needs to go. Finally, his sage advice on three human attributes that we can all use to help create a better world.