Hail damages windshields on I-35 near Rock Creek

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Hail can be scary enough, but imagine being in your car when it hits.

That's exactly happened to Justin Sorenson, while he was on I-35 near Rock Creek, Minnesota Friday evening. He says they stopped driving when the hail started coming down.

He described hail roughly the size of a baseball slammed into their windshield. The hail left huge cracks where it landed. Luckily, everyone inside the car was okay.

Another driver, Haley Rodenborg, called it the scariest drive of her life. Photos showed multiple craters in her windshield from hail, while her entire rear windshield was shattered.

The hail came as part of a severe storm that moved through central Minnesota into western Wisconsin, leaving a trail of damage along the way. The Chisago County Fair closed Friday evening due to the storm.