DNR relaunches Loon Watcher program, seeking volunteers

(Minnesota DNR)

After a hiatus in 2019, the Minnesota DNR has relaunched its Loon Watcher volunteer program and is looking for more in 2020 for its 40th year.

The program began in 1979 with 56 volunteers on 73 lakes and has swelled to over 300 volunteers on nearly 400 Minnesota lakes.

Loon Watchers typically live on lakes or regularly visit lakes. They observe loons on their lake and report at the end of the season. The information they collect is related to nesting success, number of loons observed, interesting occurrences and problems that may negatively affect the loons.

The data collected by Loon Watchers has given the DNR insights into loon biology, behavior and population dynamics.

Those interested in becoming Loon Watchers should reach out to the Loon Watcher Coordinator Andrew Herberg. He can be contacted at Andrew.herberg@state.mn.us and at 218-203-4371.