COVID in Minnesota: New concerns raised as the state hits two high numbers

New concerns with COVID in Minnesota as the state hits two high numbers.

The 881 people in Minnesota hospitals are the most of the year. The percentage of people testing positive is the highest since the end of last fall's surge.

The current wave has been longer and steadier than previous ones – before turning sharply upward in the past two weeks.

On Thursday in the Minnesota Department of Health's COVID update press conference, FOX 9's Theo Keith asked the state's health commissioner if she expects it to continue.

"I sure wish I knew," health commissioner Jan Malcolm said. "What happens from here? We know that it won't be the same pattern as before because it's already different."

Hospital executives from North Memorial, Children's Minnesota and Winona Health joined Malcolm to say their health systems are strained, but managing.

Gov. Tim Walz said this week he's not planning to call a new state of emergency over the last COVID wave.