$85,000 engine theft leaves police stumped

$85,000 worth of high performance engines were stolen from the Minnesota State Fairgrounds last month, and police say they have no leads on who did it.

The engines belonged to Suburban Chevrolet of Eden Prairie and were on display at the Street Machine Nationals in mid-July.

Mike Kraft with Suburban Chevrolet says when they closed up to go home on Saturday July 15, they padlocked the wheels of the trailer, covered the engines and lowered the tent. When they returned the next morning, the entire trailer was gone.

“These aren’t your first timers. They’ve been to this rodeo before,” said Kraft.

The thieves took ten engines worth $4,000 to $15,000.

Minnesota State Fair Police say while they have surveillance cameras and patrol the grounds 24 hours per day, they have no leads on the case.

“We went out there knowing it to be secure, knowing you could go home in the evening and the product would be fine—you’ll be fine in the morning—and to our surprise, Sunday morning it was gone,” said Kraft.

A week ago, the trailer was discovered at an RV lot in St. Cloud. The decals and serial numbers were painted over, and there was no sign of the engines.

Suburban Chevrolet has hired a private investigator, in hopes of finding the engines and the perpetrators.