Kids get paid to collect foul balls in Cologne

The Cologne Hollanders have a unique way to collect foul balls that end up in the parking lot. The team pays kids $1 for every ball collected, which sends fans sprinting after balls.

Town Ball Tour: A tradition of baseball and fun

The Fritz family has three separate generations representing the Cologne Hollanders, and are even the namesake for its field. FOX 9 learns more about the history of the family who has baseball in its blood as part of its Town Ball Tour season opener. Meanwhile, Ian Leonard checks out the bouncy castle and burgers available.

Inside Cologne Corral Bar & Grill in Cologne, Minnesota

A group of locals meet up to play cards at the Cologne Corral in Cologne, Minnesota, on select mornings. Some of the crew are former players on Cologne's Town Ball team, and they shared what the enjoy about Town Ball.

'Take Me Out to the Ball Game!'

Cologne is home to Bongard’s Premium Cheese, a local cheese shop that provides cheese curds for Fitz Field, home of the Cologne Hollanders town ball baseball team. The Hollanders claim to have the best cheese curds in baseball! The kids that attend Kurious Korner preschool welcomed FOX 9 to Cologne on the first stop of this year’s Town Ball Tour!