The Jason Show: Minneapolis musical

It's a Minneapolis musical! The Jason Show is live from Parade Stadium in Minneapolis for the FOX 9 Town Ball Tour and we brought local entertainer Erin Schwab along to sing us in.

Hot weather plants

Plants that love the heat! Jason and Shayla from The Plant Penthouse visited a local greenhouse to find plants that thrive in the Summer.

Entertaining tips with Leslee Miller

With life getting back to normal, many of us are entertaining at home more. Leslee MIller from Amusée Wine joined us with simple ways to step up your entertaining game. The popsicle drink is a game changer!

Breakfast with Coco & Lala

It's always entertaining when we cook with "Keeping up with Coco & Lala." Today, we visit the ladies at home where they share a delicious vegan breakfast dish that's perfect for any time of the day.

Tips on choosing a plant for your home

Choosing a plant doesn't have to be difficult. Jason teamed up with Shayla from The Plant Penthouse to find some plants for his home. She offered a few tips on finding the right greenery for any house.

Comedian Paul Mecurio

He's full of great stories... comedian Paul Mecurio joined Jason to talk about everything from living in New York City during the pandemic to an unbelievable story involving Paul McCartney and his podcast.

Candy 4 Supper

You've seen charcuterie boards full of meats and cheeses... but how about candy charcuterie boards? Kendall visits the Minnesota company, Candy 4 Supper.

Book club picks for April

Gardening is on the mind of Kendall and her mom. That's why gardening and food you grow in the garden are the topic for this month's Book Club.

Get your skin ready for Spring

If your skin could use a tuneup for Spring, help is here. Lindsey from Skin Health by Lindsey shares the 3 things that can help you get your glow on.

Living your authentic life

It's a reminder to be yourself. It was a great chatting with Nicole Pillow from the Inner Beauty Project. She chose to let her hair go natural and it led to a happier and more fulfilling life. It's inspiration for everyone.

Kendall Tries Archery

Archery dates back to the Stone Age and it's popular again now. Kendall picked up a bow and arrow to give it a try with help from Three Rivers Park District.