German recipes to celebrate Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest season is here, so why not celebrate with some delicious German food. The Cooking Mom, Amy Hanten, shares 2 of her favorites... one with brats and one for dessert. Full recipes here -

Minnesota dog becomes viral sensation

Need a reason to smile? A Minnesota man and his dog will make you do just that. Jason chats with Kevin Bubolz and his therapy dog, Ellie, about becoming stars on TikTok and beyond.

Helping your pet deal with separation anxiety

With kids in school and people heading back to work, pets are being left alone more often. Dr. Eric Ruhland from the St. Paul Pet Hospital joined us to talk about how to deal with separation anxiety.

Rice toss artist from Minnesota

You'll never believe what a Minnesota woman is making with just rice, food coloring and a lot of creativity. It was great chatting with Maria Monson about her "rice toss" videos that bring in millions of fans online.

Top 5 Cleaning Hacks from Lemons, Lavender & Laundry

They are the cleaning hacks you need to clean those annoying spots in your home. Erin Meyer from Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry shares the five most popular cleaning hacks on her blog. Best of all, most use things you already have around the house.

Celebrating ranch dressing day

It's a beloved condiment in Minnesota and we wanted to celebrate ranch dressing. Shannan Paul hit up Rosedale Mall to see what people will eat with a dab of ranch dressing.

Veterinarian Dr. Eric Ruhland

From coronavirus in pets to dog park etiquette, Dr. Eric Ruhland from St. Paul Pet Hospital joined us to talk about the latest topics in pet health. He also answered some of your pet questions.

Meet Minnesota's Bachelor

It's described as an entire season of The Bachelor in one night. The Bachelor Live On Stage hits the State Theater Wednesday night. We get to know the Minnesota guy picked to be the Bachelor. We also put Chris to the test with a "bachelor off" against our own bachelor, Producer Ted.

Fancy food field trip

It's our first ever "Fancy Food Field Trip." See what happens when Jason & Stephanie Hansen take a viewer out to eat and help her discover new foods and new experiences.

Packing the perfect carry-on

Using a carry-on bag is just one way to avoid an extra airline fee. But how do you fit everything inside? Organizing expert, Louise Kurzeka, shares her tips... including the packing tool that caused Jason's jaw to drop.

Kendall throws clay at a pottery studio

It's an art that may look easier than it actually is. Kendall decided to see if she can "throw clay" at a local pottery studio. How did she do? Watch what happens when she visited Wondrous Crane Pottery.

Airport eats with Stephanie Hansen

The Spring break travel season is starting and if you're planning to fly somewhere, odds are you'll be spending time at MSP International Airport. Stephanie Hansen shared her picks for the best spots to grab a drink or bite to eat at the airport.

Kendall visits The Coven in St. Paul

The way we work is different than it used to be. instead of clocking into an office, more people are working from home. But they still need the occasional space for meetings or other events. One local co-working space is aimed at women specifically. Kendall introduces us to The Coven.

A woman shares her story of losing 114 pounds

It's an inspiring story for anyone trying to lose a few pounds or just get healthy. Sydney Wolf talks about losing more than 100 pounds in a few years... becoming a distance runner in the process.

Fun things to make with Lego

Lego have always been popular with kids and adults, but thanks to LEGO Masters on FOX, they're having a major moment. Christopher Straub showed us 6 creative things you can make with Lego that aren't the typical car or tree.

DIY Spring cleaning & $100 Bathroom makeover

Stop wasting money on all of your cleaning products. Erin Meyer from Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry showed us how to make homemade linen spray, garbage disposal bombs and tub/Shower cleaner. Recipes below. Erin also showed off her latest $100 room makeover. Linen Spray 1 oz of vodka 3 oz. distilled water 15 drops of lavender essential oil Garbage Disposal Bombs 1.5 Cups baking soda 1/2 cup citric acid 20 drops each of lemon & orange essential oil Lemon/orange zest (optional) Spray water into mix until it holds its shape Put into molds to harden DIY tub & shower cleaner Equal parts vinegar & dish soap Mix together and spray on tub/shower, scrub clean

Where to find the best fish fry

Nothing beats a great fish fry during this time of year. Stephanie Hansen joined us with her picks on where to score the best fish, fries, slaw & more.