Minnesotans prep for indoor vaping ban starting Aug. 1

Starting Aug. 1, wherever cigarette smoking is banned in Minnesota vaping will be, too.

Officials with the Department of Health call it an important amendment to the Clean Indoor Air Act that will protect Minnesotans.

There seems to be no shortage of choices on the market when it comes to vaping, and it seems the demand is there when it comes to customers.

“It is something very, very popular among the young population and people who are trying to stop smoking,” said M.D. of MSP Tobacco and Vapor.

But, things are about to change for those who use electronic cigarettes indoors in Minnesota.

“Anywhere smoking is banned, you will no longer be able to use your electronic cigarette,” said Laura Oliven, the Minnesota Department of Health tobacco control manager.

At MSP Tobacco and Vapor in St. Paul, employees don’t think things will be much different at their store.

“No, it’s not going to have that much of a problem on us - even on people, people will just be bothered they have to step outside, which I can understand, but if it’s the new law, it’s the new law,” said M.D.

The Minnesota Dept. of Health says it’s all about clean air.

“It’s not healthy and there are chemicals and other constituents in the aerosol that present a threat to the health, particularly of youths,” said Oliven.

They say what’s even more alarming is the amount of young people vaping.

“We’ve seen a widespread epidemic - and we don’t use that term lightly - in youth e-cig use, and it’s quite harmful to the adolescent brain, particularly in that vulnerable time where the brain in developing,” said Oliven.

While it’s not clear what the long-term health consequences of vaping are for adults, they want to play it safe.

“What we’re dealing with is a new technology a new set of issues where the ultimate danger and threat is unknown, so let’s err on the side of safety and restrict use,” said Oliven.