Man killed in drive-by shooting in Richfield, Minn. neighborhood

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Police in Richfield, Minnesota, are investigating a deadly drive-by shooting that happened late Monday night in what is usually a quiet residential neighborhood.

Officers were called to the intersection of 64th Street and Clinton Avenue just before midnight where they found 24-year-old Jonathan O'Shaughnessy lying on the ground with a gunshot wound on 64th Street between 4th and 5th Avenue. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"This is totally out of character," said resident Tom Lasserud. "I love it here, so this is totally unexpected. I saw the guy lying on the ground, and they were working on him like crazy. To find out he passed away...that's scary."

Witnesses described the suspect vehicle as a 1990s gray minivan with a sliding door on the driver's side. There were four people in the vehicle. 

Richfield resident Hollie Thompson said she was drawn outside by the squad lights.

"It's very shocking, very sad," she said. "I feel for the family."

Lasserud added that not much happens in their part of town when it comes to any type of crime.

"First of all, the police station is two blocks down the street, so you know you got to be nuts or a gambler to sit there and try to do something like that," he said.

On Tuesday, several people parked their cars along the neighborhood to attend nearby holiday festivities, some oblivious to what happened only hours earlier at the intersection.

Lasserud said that, now, the sounds outside his home will be hard not to question.

"It's the 4th of July and everybody's out partying. You're hearing fireworks, and you don't know if you're hearing fireworks or gunshots now," he said.