Families frustrated as Minneapolis Public Schools work to adjust to bus driver shortage

The start of the school year is approaching for Minneapolis Public Schools, but district leaders are still struggling with how to get students to class because of a shortage of bus drivers.

On Friday, some parents expressed concerns with how the district has handled communication during the situation.

It started with an email sent to parents. "Hello Minneapolis Public schools families, we look forward to welcoming your student back," mother of two Mary Lynn Kadrie read. "An important message about your child’s transportation for this school year has been shared."

Kadrie’s email went on to say that her high school daughter wouldn’t get a bus this school year. But, her real concern was whether her elementary son would get a ride, and that was not in the message.

"This just makes me frustrated and annoyed that they are so backwards…how are they managing the situation? It doesn’t look like well," Mary Lynn Kadrie said. "They look foolish."

The district told FOX 9 it’d only seen issues with about 20 families as of Friday. The messaging was sent out to some 18,000 families.

"I can’t constantly be on the phone with all of my neighbors saying how are we getting our kids to school today, this is ridiculous," Mary Lynn Kadrie said. "It just seems like it was somebody doesn’t know what they’re doing. This whole thing, how are they even approaching this?"

After calling the district later, Kadrie was happy to find out that her son will have a bus, despite the shortage of 50 out of 150 drivers in the district.

For families who are still unsure on the status of their bus driver, the district says parents should call in to learn more. And for any families who have learned they won’t have a bus driver, the district says it will share alternative options for transportation on Tuesday, Sept. 7.