First flakes fly in the Twin Cities

While it certainly seems really early in the fall to already get some snowflakes in the Twin Cities, turns out, it’s not all that unusual.

Cold front moves through Twin Cities Thursday night, wind chills in 20s expected Friday

While snow is often the headline, it will be taking a backseat the upcoming few days to our cold that will affect all of us. Now, I’m not saying that we can’t get some flakes in the Twin Cities and even some light accumulations in northwestern Minnesota, but it will be the cold that is the MUCH bigger story around here into the weekend.

It has been a lackluster year for sunshine

Sunshine has been hard to come by over the last few weeks, months, and years. In fact, it's been nearly 3 years since we've had a substantial run of sunny days...

Fall colors now peaking in northern Minnesota

Here we go! What is arguably the most visually stunning part of the year is now here with plenty of yellows, oranges, and reds popping across the northern part of the state.

All time October record highs fall in the southeast

It has been a wild few weeks of weather across the country. The temperatures have been anything but steady here in Minnesota with 50s one day and 80s the next.  But for the southern and eastern U.S., wild swings in temperature haven’t been the story; it’s been the persistence of the summerlike heat.