Subzero temps are coming

Now that we are a week into December, we are very much getting into the heart of the cold season for much of North America. Around here, that means subzero temperatures and even colder wind chills. But how common are the extremely cold temperatures this time of year?

Why it takes so long for snow to melt

After a couple of days with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s, you’d think our snowpack would be almost gone by now. If you’ve lived in Minnesota more than a couple of winters, you likely know that is just not going to be the case. But if temperatures get above freezing, why does it take so long for our snowpack to melt? Well, the answer is surprisingly complex.

The Arctic chill is coming

Now that we are in December, we are entering the coldest couple of months for temperatures on average in North America. That means the lack of any sunshine around the North Pole allows the true arctic air to develop over the next few weeks.  Well, as we know, every so often, this air is dislodged from northern Canada and heads south into the Upper Midwest.  Well, it looks like that is about to happen for the first time this season.