Bison herd makes home in Dakota County park

Hundreds gathered inside Spring Lake Park Reserve on Wednesday, to watch a bit of history unfold. The Rosemount park prairie is now home to a herd of a dozen bison: 8 adult females and 4 male calves born in just the last month.

Meet the Minnesota DNR team that tracks fawns

At 4:32 a.m. at the Minnesota DNR’s Farmland Wildlife Research Headquarters; wildlife biologist Tyler Obermoller is leading his DNR team for the third year of a fawn survival study. For fourteen days in row, the group is gathering before dawn.

Grandmother survives bear attack in Minnesota

Bear attacks are rare in Minnesota. The DNR reports only 10 such encounters leading to serious injuries in the state since 1987. One of those attacks occurred over the recent long Memorial Day weekend in cabin country. The victim shared her terrifying encounter with FOX 9’s Paul Blume.