Legal battle begins over Lt. governor job

An hour long hearing Tuesday brought more than a century of constitutional law to bear in Minnesota, with a judge set to decide whether Michelle Fischbach can simultaneously hold the offices of state Senator and Lt. Governor. 

Senator Amy Klobuchar weighs in on Franken replacement

Senator Amy Klobuchar weighed in on who she thinks should replace Senator Al Franken for the first time on Sunday, and though she didn't name anyone specifically she did say the change needs to happen sooner rather than later.

The rise and fall of Sen. Al Franken

It's been a rapid fall for Senator Al Franken and while the focus is now on the scandal at hand, his legacy is also up for debate. But what exactly that legacy is remains an open question.

Senate Democrats call on Al Franken to resign

At least 11 Democratic women in the U.S. Senate, and several of their male colleagues, are calling on Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota to resign after the latest allegation of sexual misconduct was published Wednesday morning.

KABC host accuses Al Franken of sexual assault

Leeann Tweeden, morning news anchor on TalkRadio 790 KABC in Los Angeles, says she was “kissed and groped” by Sen. Al Franken during a USO Tour trip to the Middle East in December 2006. Tweeden shared her story in a 1,200 word article for