Rob Olson

Rob Olson


Rob tells a story like few others in our business; in fact, a lot of us here at FOX 9 think he should write a book someday.

Rob reports weekdays for FOX 9 News; and he’s never seen a State Fair or Minnesota Wild story that he didn’t like.

Rob grew up in four different towns in Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota so his roots run deep. And he must like flying; he once circumnavigated the globe….he left New York and kept flying east until they he hit Hawaii. We imagine there was a stop or two. Oh, and that meant he crossed the International Date Line and had two Tuesdays. At least it wasn’t two Mondays.

The latest from Rob Olson

Anton Lazzaro trial: Co-defendant takes the stand

The 21-year-old woman charged alongside Anton Lazzaro in his sex trafficking case took the stand on Thursday, explaining how met Lazzaro on a "sugar daddy" website and later began recruiting teen girls for him.

Lawmakers debate legislation to make Kias, Hyundai harder to steal

Of all the issues to get politically heated, you might not expect a push to make cars harder to steal to be one of them. But legislation heard on Monday to safeguard the owners of Kias and Hyundais in Minnesota turned into criticisms of policing and prosecution.