Rob Olson

Rob Olson


Rob tells a story like few others in our business; in fact, a lot of us here at FOX 9 think he should write a book someday.

Rob reports weekdays for FOX 9 News; and he’s never seen a State Fair or Minnesota Wild story that he didn’t like.

Rob grew up in four different towns in Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota so his roots run deep. And he must like flying; he once circumnavigated the globe….he left New York and kept flying east until they he hit Hawaii. We imagine there was a stop or two. Oh, and that meant he crossed the International Date Line and had two Tuesdays. At least it wasn’t two Mondays.

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Source: Attendees had minimal contact with Trump at Lake Minnetonka fundraiser

FOX 9 is learning more about the precautions taken at a private Trump campaign fundraiser held on Lake Minnetonka before the president attended his rally in Duluth on Wednesday. Now that President Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19, health officials are urging attendees at those events to get tested and to self-isolate.