Rep. Craig says she will vote 'yes' on Trump impeachment articles

Rep. Angie Craig hosts a town hall meeting in Eagan, Minn.

Rep. Angie Craig says she plans to vote "yes" on the impeachment articles against President Trump.

In a letter issued on Sunday, Craig wrote: "No elected leader is above the law. It is clear from the testimony and the report delivered to Congress that the President attempted to coerce a foreign government into investigating his political rival by withholding Congressionally-appropriated military assistance to a foreign ally. This is a clear abuse of power by a sitting U.S. President for his own personal gain."

With Craig's decision, she joins three other Minnesota Democrats who plan to approve the two impeachment articles. Rep. Collin Peterson is the only local Democrat who hasn't announced a decision but has said he is leaning towards "no."

Three Republican representatives also plan to vote "no."

This week, in a vote along party lines, the House Judiciary Committee voted on Friday to adopt the articles against the president and move them along to a floor vote.

If passed, that vote could trigger a trial in a Senate. But it's likely the Republican-led Senate would move to acquit President Trump.