Marcus Golden's family struggles to cope with his death

Marcus Golden's family is still reeling from the events of yesterday morning.

His father, Scott Golden Sr., says, "We're just trying to hold it together as best we can."

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"It's a tragic experience we are all going through right now, and we're just doing what we can to get through this time," he adds.

To friends and family, Marcus Golden was a loving and caring man, always willing to drop everything to help someone he cared about.

"I remember, in sports, he took them seriously," Scott says. "Played football, baseball, played with intensity. He was a linebacker. He would tackle someone and stand over them and say, 'Not today!' That was him, the way he was. Everything he did, he did with such passion."

"Marcus was a great person," Scott adds. "He did want things to be different... things turned out different than we all hoped for and that the family had hoped for as well."

After graduating from Central High School and finishing trade school for carpentry, Marcus, 24, struggled in recent months -- first with the suicide of his older brother, Scott, back in August, and then with the death of his aunt from cancer two weeks later.

"It really set him back," Scott says. "He wanted to shut down -- I wouldn't let him, his friends wouldn't let him, but he struggled dealing with that, with the grief, with the grieving of everything. It just seemed like one thing after another kept happening."

Now his loved ones are dealing with another loss -- one that doesn't have many answers.

They don't know what happened in the St. Paul parking lot where Marcus was shot and killed by police yesterday, but they don't rush to judge Marcus or police.

Marcus's friend, Owen Russell, says, "Take the time to tell the ones that you love that you love them, 'cause you know I'll never be able to tell Marcus that I love him again."

Marcus's loved ones say they want the police investigation to play out before they comment on the shooting, but they're pleased the NAACP called for a separate inquiry.

Golden is survived by his parents, three brothers, and two sisters.