The quest to find the perfect loaf of bread leads to the creation of Sunrise Flour Mill

A North Branch couple is milling a flour that takes you back in time. Not only do they use an ancient variety of wheat, the technology they utilize is from the Great Depression era. The result is a flour that is in demand all over the country. Marty and Darrold Glanville founded Sunrise Flour Mill in North Branch. It’s one of a handful of companies in the U.S. using renewed milling technology. They say the flour will make you a better baker and is better for you. Darrold is gluten-sensitive but can tolerate products baked with their flour. The company has grown quickly, especially during the pandemic when they went from fulfilling 50 orders a day to more than 1,000. Their products are available online, at co-ops, the Mill City Farmers Market every other Saturday and at the mill on Tuesdays for those who ordered online.

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