Ice from canceled event re-purposed for St. Paul ice bars

A one-mile stretch of ice bars is coming to downtown St. Paul this weekend. The bars will be installed at 10 locations in the downtown and West Seventh neighborhoods. Minnesota Ice is currently carving the bars using ice from the canceled Minnesota Ice Festival. The original plan was to construct the largest ice maze in the world. The ice was delivered to TCO Stadium in December but then warm temperatures doomed the event before it started. It was called off and the ice was put into storage until now. The ice bars will be in place from Friday Feb. 9-11 and it all ties in to the Red Bull Heavy Metal event on Saturday on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol Building. The ice bar locations include: Apostle Supper Club, Burger Moe’s, Herbie’s On The Park, Loon Cafe St. Paul, Meritage, Momento, Pillbox Tavern, Smorgie’s, Tom Reid’s Hockey City Pub and Wrestaurant at the Palace.

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