At Mogi Bagel business is booming

Many of our favorite local eats got their start through a food truck or pop up. That list includes Hola Arepa, Soul Bowl, Animales Barbecue and Marty’s Deli. Add Mogi Bagels to that list. A year ago Megan Berray-Larsen decided she wanted to make and sell New York style bagels. After three months working with the recipe, she had it down and launched Mogi Bagels. She started baking them at her house and popping up at farmers markets. The bagels became an instant hit after Chef Yia Vang sang their praises on social media. Berray-Larsen quit her job and set up shop in a commercial kitchen. She is still popping up at events and offering bagel pickup at the Kitchen Space in Minneapolis. Bagel orders open on Sundays at noon. To find out where she’ll be popping up and see the flavor offerings, follow along on Instagram @mogi_bagel.

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