Saint Paul "Bridge Fund" to help families, small business during COVID-19 outbreak

Saint Paul is rolling out a new program to help people struggling during the pandemic. Mayor Melvin Carter is proposing a nearly $4 million Bridge Fund - offering assistance to low-income families and small businesses. Mayor Carter joined the FOX 9 Morning News to talk about how the fund will work and how the city is responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

On the hunt: Tips to navigating the changing job market

Many people are navigating layoffs and furloughs as businesses close their doors or cut services due to the pandemic. If you're looking for work, some companies are still hiring. MN CareerForce joined the FOX 9 Morning News with recommendations for those in the middle of a new job hunt.

COVID-19 clinical trial launches at U of M; researchers hope to find new use for old malaria drug

The race to find new treatment for COVID-19 is underway at the University of Minnesota. Researchers are taking a close look at a drug that has received a lot of attention in the last few weeks, hydroxychloroquine. One of the co-investigators of the clinical trial joined FOX 9 to explain the potential the drug might have, and a warning for those who may try to use the drug without a prescription.

Minnesota grocery stores pledge to stay open through coronavirus outbreak

As demand continues to increase, Minnesota grocery stores are working overtime to stay open and remain a safe place for customers & workers. President of the Minnesota Grocers Association Jamie Pfuhl joined the FOX 9 Morning News to address concerns about the supply chain and how stores are working to safeguard staff during the outbreak.

Greater Twin Cities United Way creates fund to help those in need amid outbreak

With many people already out of work, the coronavirus has created a big need in our community. The Greater Twin Cities United Way is working to support those needing assistance through a new response and recovery fund. CEO John Wilgers joined the FOX 9 Morning News to discuss how the fund will be used, and other ways the United Way is tackling this crisis.

Twin Cities Women's Expo going virtual

A decades-old Twin Cities event is not letting the coronavirus stop them from inspiring and educating, the 2020 Women's Expo is going virtual. Organizer Buffie Blesi joined the FOX 9 Morning news to chat about how they're transforming the event for a digital audience.

How to avoid the biggest pitfalls of working from home

The coronavirus is forcing a new trend in the workplace... or more like... out of the workplace. It can be tricky to make working from home work for you. Phyllis Moen, a professor of sociology at the University of Minnesota, is an expert on workplaces - she gave us some tips on the pitfalls to avoid while working at home.