Sports teams unite to take on hunger across the Twin Cities

FOX 9 is proud to partner with Minnesota's sports community and local food banks to help fight hunger. A brand new campaign, "Home Teams VS. Hunger" is hoping to raise awareness and donations. Second Harvest Heartland's Allison O'Toole joined the FOX 9 Morning News with more on the growing need in the community and why this campaign is so critical.

Tracking space weather - NASA ready for busy solar season

The sun is about to begin a new solar cycle and NASA is bracing for a busy season tracking all the charged action. NASA Scientist Lika Guhathakurta joined the FOX 9 Morning News to explain how scientists will track the sun's activity and work to protect important technology in the sky.

Why millions of COVID-19 vaccines are being made before receiving FDA approval

Several COVID-19 vaccines are in clinical trials around the globe, but so far, none have been approved by the FDA. However, several promising candidates for a vaccine are already being manufactured. The FOX Medical Team's Beth Galvin joined us to explain why those vaccines are already being made, and who could in line first to get one.

Fair Flashback: Dale K makes a big request of Fair Royalty

We're flashing back to some of our favorite state fair memories in honor of the Great Minnesota Get Together. In this flashback Dale asks Princess Kay of the Milky Way to carve off some of her own butter head... so he can butter a piece of bread.

Checking in with FOX 9 meteorologist Keith Marler

It's been about a month since we've seen our friend and co-worker Keith Marler on the FOX 9 Morning News. Last month, Keith revealed he's dealing with issues in his inner-ear, causing vertigo and other problems. It's been a slow recovery, and we got a chance to catch up with him for an update.

Fair Flashback: Big Wheel Whoops

We're sharing some of our favorite State Fair memories, including this flashback from 2017 when we tried to ride the Big Wheel live on the morning show.