Keeping tabs on weather from space

NOAA's satellite helps keep tabs on weather from space to better inform severe weather planning. FOX 9's Keith Marler on Thursday, November 10, interviewed his sister, Heather Kilcoyne, who works on the JPSS-2 Satellite project.

Caring for blind or deaf pets

If you've noticed your dog or cat doesn't seem to be hearing commands or maybe you've noticed they aren't able to see as well as they once did, you're not alone. Sometimes pets lose their sight or hearing as they age and sometimes they're just born that way. Dr. Kelly Gehlhaus with the Animal Humane Society joined the FOX 9 Morning News to share some advice for caring for your pets.

Gillette Children's Hospital celebrates 125 years of service

The Gillette Children's Hospital will celebrate its 125 birthday on Oct. 29. Until then, Stephen Bariteau, the Executive VP of Philanthropy Gillette Children's, reveals exciting new plans for the building, and a patient shares just how much the hospital means to him.

Here's why it smells in the Twin Cities this morning

The explanation is pretty simple: The stench can happen in the fall as farmers spray their fields with fertilizer (essentially liquid manure in most cases) before the ground freezes. Wind speed and direction play a role in who smells it, so one moment you may notice a stench in the air and an hour later it may be gone, FOX 9 Meteorologist Cody Matz explains, admitting he's not a farm expert.

Your dog may be judging you

They're man's best friend but that doesn't stop them from judging you. A study found dogs, especially female dogs, are judging you when you make a mistake or act weird.

Dam good job: Beaver builds dam in doorway

A beaver at a rehab center followed its natural instincts and built a dam at the doorway to his enclosure. He collected sticks and stacked them in a neat pile. When he's done, he happily campers off to get more sticks.

Pet safety during Halloween season

Dr. Eric Ruhland of the St. Paul Pet Hospital stopped by FOX 9 with his dog Butter and her three 3-week-old puppies to share tips to keep pets safe during the Halloween season.

'Minnesota Vikings are like family to me,' die-hard Vikes fan says

For 12-year-old Vikings fan JJ Anyeacho, passion for football goes far beyond the end of the fourth quarter. From player statistics, to coach criticism to strategy breakdowns, JJ is sharing his Viking analyses and studying hard to keep up with the game. FOX 9's Hannah Flood interviews the die-hard Vikings fan who lives in Massachusetts.

Vikings fans in London for Sunday's game against the Saints

FOX 9 checks in with Vikings fans and the KFAN team as they broadcast their show The Power Trip live from London Friday morning. A group of Minnesota fans traveled with KFAN, through the travel group Defined Destinations, to tour London and attend the Vikings vs. Saints game Sunday.

Purple Friday dance off

The FOX 9 Morning News team joins in on the weekly Friday Dance Off, donning purple for purple Friday ahead of Sunday's Vikings vs. Lions game on FOX 9.