Watch: Montana homes buried under tumbleweed blown in by 60-plus mph wind gusts

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Houses buried under tumbleweed as strong gusts impact Montana

Large amount of tumbleweeds piled up against houses and buried sidewalks as strong winds impacted Great Falls, Montana, on October 17. (Credit: Darrin Schreder Photography and Design via Storyful)

What a mess! 

Ferocious winds around Great Falls, Montana, Tuesday blew in piles of tumbleweeds, leaving them stacked high against homes in one neighborhood. 

The tumbleweed covered sidewalks and yards. Some piles rose so high that they flowed over the roofs of homes, causing them to nearly disappear under the mountain of prickly beige brush.

Mountain of tumbleweed in front of a Montana home. (Darrin Schreder Photography and Design via Storyful / FOX Weather)

A low pressure system sweeping across the northern Plains brought High Wind Warnings to the area. 

The front entrance and yard are covered with tumbleweed in central Montana. (Darrin Schreder Photography and Design via Storyful / FOX Weather)

Gusts around Montana and the Dakotas reached 65-85 mph Tuesday with Fryburg, North Dakota reporting an 84 mph gust and a 72 mph gust in Augusta, Montana. Great Falls reported a peak gust of 62 mph at their local airport weather station. 

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