Surly Brewing Company workers picket with beer hall set to close

Surly Brewing Company workers along with community supporters took to a picket line on Sunday to rally against the decision by the craft beer company to close its beer hall.

The closure of the Minneapolis beer hall was announced this week, days after workers announced they had formed a union to negotiate issues pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Owners say they came to the decision to close after weeks of tough consideration. They say the pandemic has been brutal for the company, with beer hall revenues falling 82 percent since the start of the pandemic. They say they are also set to lose another three-quarters of a million dollars over the winter.

However, the newly formed union accused the brewery of retaliation.

"I think any victory, anywhere, for our class is a victory for all of us, and gives us a little more confidence in our abilities to change things," said Kevin Dwire, who joined workers at the picket. "'Cause that's what we need, more self-worth, more confidence."

The beer hall is set to closure indefinitely starting in early November. It's unclear if the brewery plans to reopen the hall next year.