How Donald Trump connected with rural Minnesota

- Donald Trump's election stunned the world and showed how much influence remained in small town and rural America.
"Nobody really thought he was going to win, but he did it," said Bill Costello, a Henderson resident.

In Henderson, Minn., the signs are pretty hard to miss. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are more than just politicians. In the minds of the so-called "average Joe" they've become symbols of hope.

"We really wanted some change and were thinking we weren't going to get it with Hillary," said Costello.

Costello, a can maker, said he thinks Donald Trump’s message connects with small town America and voting data suggests he's right. With the exception of counties holding large urban areas, the vast majority of Minnesota's counties voted for Trump.

"He sees that people in rural areas work maybe twice as hard as people in the cities do," said Deedra Hoffman of  Henderson.

Hoffman says the view from her porch is concerning. Funding that should be going to people in Henderson she worries is being sucked up by big cities. It's a worry shared by many in America. Exit polls show that white men and women in rural areas voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

"He says what he is thinking and we kind of like that I think," said Costello.

Many in America hope it translates to real change. Trump may be a billionaire from New York - but in small towns, like Henderson, he's suddenly relatable.

"We need someone who will see outside the big cities, see the average person, like me," said Hoffman.

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