Minnesota Twins wear 11 for Jacob Wetterling

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Heckler nails 12-foot putt at Ryder Cup practice round

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  • An American heckler was challenged to put-up or shut-up after saying he could putt better than Rory McIlroy during a Ryder Cup practice round.

    Heckler nails 12-foot putt at Ryder Cup practice round

  • The Minnesota Lynx won their first playoff game against the Phoenix Mercury, getting one game closer to defending their title.

    Playoffs excitement for Minnesota Lynx grows

  • The Vikings have emerged with one of the most dominant defenses in the NFL, but that hunger on the field translates to helping fight childhood hunger in the Twin Cities.

    Sacks for kids

  • The Vikings defense took on the Carolina Panthers in a big way, finishing the game with eight sacks.

    Vikings defense clobbers Panthers with 8 sacks

  • The Minnesota Vikings quieted the Carolina Panthers on the road with a 22-10 victory.

    Vikings upset Carolina Panthers on the road

  • Fox 9's Dawn Mitchell met up with WR Stefon Diggs, who is making waves in his sophomore season.

    Stefon Diggs one-on-one