Student finds old family photos in thrift store luggage, now searching for rightful owners

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As St. Cloud State University sophomores Shelby Pointer and Alexia Vearrier stroll through Case-Hill Hall, they wonder to whom Alexia’s suitcase used to belong.

That’s because it wasn’t until after she wheeled it home from Saver’s Saturday that Alexia unzipped it and found a very personal surprise.

“I saw bags in there and I was like, 'oh no,'” said Vearrier.

The bag was filled with old photos - even negatives in sleeves - dated 1978.

“I brought them out and showed her and she was like, ‘Oh, you should find out who they belong to,’” Vearrier said.

From there, using names listed on the backs of the photos, Pointer took to social media to try and find their rightful owner.

“A guy named Bob, Josh, Diane, Rick, Cathy, Eric and Britney,” Pointer said. “I searched Facebook and Twitter and, sadly, I could not find them.”

With no luck, she turned to Fox 9 with the hope that Fox 9’s viewers can help identify this family or the people playing in this band.

“There’s some kid out there who their great grandma, their grandpa, their aunt is in one of these photos and they probably want those back because they might not have them anymore,” Pointer said.

The owner also may not have the memories we get a glimpse of here on the plastic film.

“There’s graduation photos with the caps flying, there’s completely decked out Christmas trees,” Pointer added.

Pointer hopes the misplaced images, including of a school in Centerville, Tennessee, can help restore a clear picture of a cherished family history.

“There’s someone out there who needs these photos back,” Pointer said.

If you are or know the rightful owner of the photos, Pointer says you can reach out to her on her Facebook to reclaim your memories.