St. Louis Park woman accused of sending explicit photos of ex-boyfriend to his boss

A St. Louis Park woman is wanted after police say she sent explicit photos of her ex-boyfriend to his boss along with posting them on an anonymous Facebook account.

Emily McGreevy, age 34, was charged via summons on Monday for the alleged crimes that happened last summer.

According to the charges, the photos were actually taken by the victim's current girlfriend and fiancée – who sent them to his ex to "make her jealous." The photo showed the couple in bed with the victim's private parts visible.

In response, police say McGreevy used an encrypted email service to send the photos to the victim's boss at work in early June 2022. Later, the victim's fiancée also received an email with a link to a Facebook page where the explicit photos had also been posted. The Facebook account was anonymous and titled "Skanker Cheatin", police say.

On June 17, police conducted a search warrant at McGreevy's apartment. A month later, police were able to review cell phone data that they say showed:

  • McGreevy had used the encrypted email that had sent the explicit photos
  • McGreevy had access to the "Skanker Cheater" Facebook page
  • McGreevy had used a paid website to get the contact information for the victim's fiancée

Charges against McGreevy were filed Monday, months after the alleged violations. Police say she is currently out of state.

Police say the victim opted not to press charges against his current girlfriend in relation to the photos.