Proposed bill would legalize, regulate daily sports fantasy games in Minnesota

Millions of people play daily fantasy sports, but is it a form of sports gambling or something else? Some lawmakers in Minnesota want to legalize daily fantasy games, mostly so they can regulate it. 

By giving fantasy sports official state authorization, it doesn’t give them a green light to get bigger. Instead, it gives consumers protections.

“This bill does not expand those offerings. It merely provides a specific set of rules which operators must follow to continue operating in Minnesota,” said Representative Tony Albright of Prior Lake.

According to the website, Minnesota is currently one of many states where daily fantasy sports operations are active.

Some states have officially legalized it, but Minnesota has not. However, state law does not currently stop it.

Regulations ensure all players are 18, that the games are legitimate, that no athletes or agents or employees allowed to play and that prizes are awarded within three days.

"For an industry that has been operating for many, many years in the state of Minnesota, all we’re doing is asking for regulations to make sure everyone’s accountable for people that use the games,” Rep. Albright said.

All of this comes as even the Federal Supreme Court re-examines rules pertaining to real as well as fantasy sports gambling.