Parking, road closures and more: What to expect during the Final Four

In just a few days, 90,000 fans are expected to spend their weekend in Minneapolis to watch the top four teams in the nation battle for the championship.

In preparation, many downtown roads closed Monday, and others will close later in the week. But, if you’re worried about a possible headache in downtown this week and this weekend, officials say not to worry.

They’re rolling closures, meaning not everything closes at once. Still, downtown will be very much accessible, according to Robin Hutcheson, Minneapolis Director of Public Works.

Through April 12, Chicago Avenue between 4th and 6th streets and Norm McGrew Place between 3rd and 4th streets will be closed. Portions of Nicollet Mall will also be closed, but access for pedestrians will remain open. 

However, officials say there will still be over 40,000 parking spaces available, especially the A,B, and C ramps.

And while the light rail was only available to ticket holders during the Super Bowl, officials say the schedule will be normal and open to all during the Final Four.

“This is an inclusive event and we want out people to feel like they can come downtown and stay downtown. And just because you don’t have a ticket to the game, doesn't mean you can't have an amazing experience,” said Maggie Habashy with the Minneapolis Local Organizing Committee.

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