Minnesota Town Ball teams celebrate end of memorable season

It was a memorable summer as Fox 9 got to experience one of Minnesota's most fun traditions: Town Ball.

For weeks, teams battled for bragging rights during some incredible match-ups. 

And in the last three weekends of summer, the best teams went head-to-head for the state title.

“Some of the games over the weekend - we had at New Prague and Shakopee well over 1,500 people in the park. And it just creates a great atmosphere," said Dave Hartmann with the Minnesota Baseball Association.

This year set a tournament attendance record of more than 17,000 fans.

Hartmann attributes some of the attraction to Fox 9’s presence in the stands.

"If we do our job and put players who want to entertain the crowd and you combine that with affordability and what you guys are doing to help market it, we’re going to get bigger," said Chanhassen coach Mike Ralston.

One of the youngest programs out there, the Chanhassen Red Birds clinched the Class B title in a re-match of last year, facing off against Miesville.

“Miesville is in a class of their own; they’re an outstanding team. So if we can beat them that means we played outstanding baseball. We’re 3 and 3 against them the last two years. Sounds like we need another game or two right?"

The tournament also brought some especially memorable moments, like when a player from Young America was so busy celebrating, he missed stepping on home plate, sending the game into another inning.

In another memory, Paul Buss from Jordan vowed not to shave his beard until they win a state title. Jordan’s inability to advance in the tournament means the beard will stick around.

In addition to Chanhassen winning the Class B title, St. Louis Park clinched the Class A title and Plato took home Class C.