Minneapolis City Council declares support for stricter gun control laws

The City of Minneapolis is officially adopting a resolution, renewing the council's commitment to end gun violence.

Friday, City Council aimed to send a powerful message and further demonstrate in the wake of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida a declaration to support for stricter gun control laws.

“I’m proud to see young people leading the way, they are the NRA’s worst nightmare right now,” said Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

Iris Fosse-Ober and Mia Rheineck were along the hundreds of Minneapolis students to walk out of school earlier in the week. While both of them were born after the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School, they say they've grown up with gradually increasing awareness and fear.

“When you are younger you can’t do a whole lot, and don’t understand the full context,” said Rheineck, a sophomore at Benilde-St. Margaret's. “As you get older, you can actually have a voice and do these things to change it.”

“At this point I feel really happy and feel really strong,” said Fosse-Ober, a senior at Washburn High School. “I feel like we are going to be able to do this and make it happen. A fight that we won’t back down from.”

Still, they are well aware this commitment by the city to help push for a statewide ban on assault weapons and universal background checks is a small victory and a piece of a much larger puzzle on how to make schools safer. 

Representatives from Moms Demand Action echo everything from mental health to metal detectors are all part of growing discussions.

“Our Minneapolis chapter had 20 people at our last meeting last week and Wednesday had more than 150,” said Molly Leutz, of Moms Demand Action.

For now, keeping the motivation going is key.

“As kids if we can’t vote, this is about the biggest say we can have right now,” said Rheineck.

Students have additional marches planned and the Minneapolis chapter of Moms Demand Action say they will not be surprised if they continue to see the attendance at their meetings grow.