Timely rains are keeping Minnesota really green

With just 2 90° days so far this year and frequent rains, Minnesota is really keeping its green.  Many Minnesota summers start green, but then the high heat and scarce rains in July & August can lead to that mid to late summer browning as vegetation is stressed to the brink.  But this year has been different.  While we are above average in the rain category, it’s been the frequent nature of the rains that have been more instrumental to keeping the green.  If you remember just a year ago, we had heavy flooding rains in May & June, but by July, the rains ended leading to a couple months of brown.  While summer precipitation amounts were near record highs, by September the grasses and fields were quite brown because the majority of the rain, as much as 90% in some cases, fell in the first part of summer.

Since entering July, the metro and St. Cloud, as well as parts of the northwest, have benefited the most with the metro now nearing 6 inches for the month, nearly double the average.  St. Cloud is in a similar situation.  But there are parts of the state that have only seen an inch or two, and could actually use a little water to keep those fields a growin.  Here is a look at the Midwest rainfall since the start of July.

You can see the bullseyes from the metro northwestward toward the Fargo area.  Now check out the rains statewide over the last 90 days.

Again, pretty even with a few spots anywhere from 1-6” above average… much of the metro included in that.

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