After a tropical Tuesday, Wednesday will feel like a dream

July and high humidity levels go hand in hand, it’s just what we expect.  The start of our week will feature this high humidity with dewpoints into the 70’s making it feel much closer to 100 degrees than many of us may like.  Check out our dewpoint and expected “feels like” temperature Tuesday afternoon.

A tropical air mass in place, sunshine, and feeling like 100 degrees pretty much says summer.  But by Wednesday, it may actually feel ALMOST fall-like.  Before you freak out, just know it has little to do with the actual temperature and more to do with just how far humidity levels could drop.  Actually air temperatures will only fall a few degrees from Tuesday to Wednesday, but the dewpoints could tank 30 plus degrees.  Let me show you.

So a cold front will spread across the region on Tuesday.  The origins of the air behind this front stem from western and northern Canada… a dry place really anytime of the year.  But for this air mass to push all the way to Minnesota in the middle of summer is almost unheard of.  Watch how the dewpoints progress through Monday and early Tuesday.

Monday will be humid, but by Tuesday dewpoints climb into the mid and upper 70’s right along the front which is tropical style air.  But then watch the dry air move in…