THE MELT IS ON: December heat wave in Minneapolis

- It was a snowy end to the month of November in much of the state with several inches falling on at least half of the state.  But the sunshine finally returned today to show us the aftermath.  Here is what the snow cover looked like from space on Thursday and where our snow depth currently stands:

The snow though won’t be around for long as warmer temperatures are on the way.  We are headed to something called split flow, where the polar jet stream heads north of the border and the sub-tropical jet stream sits south of the border.  This will lead to a fairly quiet weather pattern for much of the country and mild temperatures as cold polar air stays locked up near the North Pole.

Now, it doesn’t spell quiet weather for everyone as the Pacific Northwest and Florida will see plenty of precipitation the next few days, but with those 2 exceptions, the rest of the country will be quiet.  Check out the possible precipitation over the lower 48 for the next week…