Blowing snow a concern Monday across Minnesota

- Our new found snow cover is both a gift and a curse.  It’s wonderful for outdoor enthusiasts and winter lovers alike with lush snow mobile trails, fresh powder on the slopes, and a prettier look to our normally dismal looking landscape that takes up our cold season. But the snow certainly has a dark side too; it can make for treacherous, if not impossible travel. 

While falling snow is by far the most frequent “road killer” as highways become ice skating rinks, a simple windy day with plenty of already fallen snow can have the same affect.  With strong enough winds, snow particles can get launched into the air causing reduced visibility, icy roads, and in some cases, nearly impossible travel.  This is what could occur late Sunday into Monday across much of the state. 

Right now, it looks like the western half of the area will be worst off with the potential for 55 mph winds which can launch copious amounts of snow into the air and lead to white out conditions.  Meanwhile, the metro could face challenges of our own with gusty winds, reduced visibility, and slick roadways. 

The map above pretty much says it all.  But here's a breakdown of what can be expected statewide...

Conditions can be expected to deteriorate quickly Sunday evening as temperatures drop back below freezing, snow showers develop, and winds increase drastically.  Any additional accumulation from the snow showers will be pretty minimal in grand scheme of things, with most locations picking up less than a couple of inches... 

But the falling snow will add to the already growing problem of blowing and drifting.  Here is a breakdown of what can be expected in the metro from Super Bowl Sunday evening through the Monday morning commute...

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